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Animal Jokes:

I took my dog to a new groomer and she wouldn't stop barking. So it was only appropriate that I gave the place a "yelp" review.

My dog is not a tweeter, he's a woofer.

I went hunting with a friend and we both shot the same deer. For our efforts, we each got half a buck!

A farmer was having mating issues with his rooster. His neighbor told him to feed it iron ore. It really worked. The rooster turned into a chick magnet.

Study showed that spending time with pets helps depression. Does that mean that lady who had 700 cats was clinically sane?

One night a farmer hears strange noises coming from his barn. So he goes out there and peeps through the barn door and sees his daughter being inappropriate with one of his horses. He doesn’t say anything and leaves her alone. The next morning a customer comes to see him to buy a horse. He tells the customer that he has no horses for sale. The customer then points to the horse that was in the barn the night before and says, "What about that one?" The Farmer replies, "Oh he's not for sale. My daughter likes to ride him."

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