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Blonde Jokes:

I was in the detergent aisle at Walmart and this blonde asked me if Tide he comes in a she version.

An older blonde was so happy when she got carded. But it was by the greeter at Costco!
Same blonde was miffed that she didn't get carded by the greeter at Walmart.

A blonde telemarketer claimed she got pregnant from one of her customers. She was upset because she thought she blocked it with caller IUD.

It took a blonde over a year to figure out that whenever her computer said "youíve got mail" she didn't have to run outside and check the mailbox. Now she just runs to the Post Office.

Did you hear how the blonde got 3rd degree burns while putting gas in her car? It was dark outside, so she lit a match.

A blonde tried to audition for Americaís Got Talent. However, she was rejected because being a dumb blonde isn't a talent.

A blonde went to a plastic surgeon to get implants in her butt. The surgeon asked her why she needed them. The blonde replied, "Because I'm a little behind."

A blonde said that she doesnít like dumb blonde jokes. She was asked if she thought they were offensive. She said, "No, I just donít get them."

A blonde went into Barnes and Noble and asked them if they had any dumb blonde joke books. She was directed to the nonfiction section.

Why are blondes not known for their cooking? Because they never leave the bedroom.

Why don't blondes fly Virgin Airlines? Because if they did, they'd be lying.

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