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"Always open with a joke." This age old adage has been given to public speakers for centuries and for very good reasons. Nothing eases tension, breaks the ice, wins the crowd and grabs the attention of the audience better than opening a speech with a hilarious joke.

Whatever the speaking engagement, can tailor make jokes perfect for you and your audience. There is no better way to engage an audience and get them on your side like a good dose of humor.

All too often, public speakers take comedy into their own hands. This leads to awkward silences, nervous laughter, and a panicky feeling of a moment that will never end. If only you had a few hilarious lines to get the attention of your audience. By adding bit of humor, it lets the crowd know this is not going to be a typical boring presentation filled with bad jokes, ending with scattered applause, leading to your embarrassment.

Regardless of the venue, by adding a few quick, professional, and hilarious one liners, you will easily give a memorable and entertaining performance that will have an everlasting impact, leaving them wanting more!

Compilation of Funny Jokes and One-Liners
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" is an amazing resource! I googled "joke writers" with my fingers crossed and I wasn't really sure what to expect in working with them for the first time. They far exceeded my expectations! I am a professional speaker and busy entrepreneur and sometimes that means I am preparing for engagements with very little time to spare. helped me in a pinch and turned around strong punchlines that helped me bring the house down. I could not have asked for better jokes or better service---and they delivered even with my last minute request. Thanks guys!"

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