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An old man recently drove his car into an Apple store. He blamed his Windows for the crash.
category:current event jokes

The IRS said that same-sex married couples will get federal tax breaks. Republicans call it a sin-tax.
category:political jokes

My bookkeeper is crazy. She says she keeps hearing invoices.
category:random jokes

My wife loves to read in the shower. She's already on her 5th Kindle.
category: family jokes

Capital One had a survey asking NBA players "What's in your wallet?" They all answered "Condoms!"
category:sports jokes

An artist created a portrait of Honey Boo Boo using trash. Actually, it was white trash!
category: celebrity jokes

Did you hear how the blonde got 3rd degree burns while putting gas in her car? It was dark outside, so she lit a match.
category: blonde jokes

My dog is not a tweeter, he's a woofer.
category: animal jokes

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