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Sample Monologue Jokes

Monologue jokes based on current events:

Did you hear about that Cheerios commercial with the mixed race family getting racist backlash? Not surprisingly, the backlash came from their competition - Special KKK

The Huffington Post had a story from Denmark recently about a small penis contest. With their bad economy, in order to save time and money, they had it coincide with a squinting contest.

NBA player recently came out. Can't wait for a WNBA player to come out and say she's straight.

Capital One ran an ad asking the NBA Olympic stars "What's in your wallet?" They all answered "Condoms!"

Random Joke Sample:

I heard this story about a farmer hearing strange noises coming from his barn one night. So he goes out there and peeps through the barn door and sees his daughter being inappropriate with one of his horses. He doesn’t say anything and leaves her alone. The next morning a customer comes to see him to buy a horse. He tells the customer that he has no horses for sale. The customer then points to the horse that was in the barn the night before and says, "What about that one?" The Farmer replies, "Oh he's not for sale. My daughter likes to ride him."
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