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Political Jokes:

I was at a political event and told my friend I'm switching parties. He was stunned. I said "Yes, I'm going to the one next door, they have booze."

Thanks to Michelle Obama, the childhood obesity rate is its lowest in 30 years. Unfortunately, the New Jersey Governor's is the highest.

New Jersey Governor Christie’s favorability rating is down 8 points since the outbreak of Bridgegate. The good news is this his weight is down even more.

A poll released revealed that President Obama is the most admired man in America. The only other choices were Justin Bieber and Kanye West.

Sarah Palin is getting a new outdoor TV show on Sportsman Channel. The first show will feature her in a river deciding to row vs. wade.

A man from France weighing 500 pounds wasn't allowed to fly home because of his size. This caused Governor Christie to cancel his vacation.

The White House now says President Obama did live with uncle in Massachusetts in the late 1980's. Apparently they were making a fake birth certificate.

Obama says he understands that many Americans haven't worked for years. Then again, neither has he.

During the government shutdown, Governor Christie urged The House to shut down their gym. He said "I haven't used mine in years, why should you use yours."

In high school, I got an "A" in Government. This time they failed me.

Today's children are lazy. They only protest via Twitter and other social media. The only time they go to a courthouse is to protest a DUI.

The IRS said that same-sex married couples will get federal tax breaks. Republicans call it a sin-tax.

When Chris Christie had weight loss surgery he had to buy new clothes. He put his old clothes on eBay and listed them as pool covers.

California lawmakers approved driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. So now they legally drive to illegal employment.

When Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg performed her first same-sex wedding, she was asked if she was prepared. She said "Yes. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the night before."

I was at a political event the other night and asked this guy what he does during the day. He said he's a poll watcher. I asked where. He said, "At the Spearmint Rhino!

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